To This Day

To This Day

To This Day is an emotionally powerful Tube video about a poem about the impact on kids who are bullied. It is made of many animations all put together made by different artists. The poem itself was written by a single man named Shawn Koyczan, who wrote the poem about his true experiences as a child.

Before the animation was made, here was the original video that was tapped:

Here is the animation version that was later created:

My favorite animation in the animated version is Clip 19 by Tim Howe which you can view here:

This is a computer generated animation. I liked this segment of the animation because to me, this was one of the most powerful parts of the poem, and Shawn’s voice is just full of emotion and spirit. Tim was able to create an animation that was really simple and full of solid colours, and despite the simplicity it was very well done. What I also like is the smoothness of the transitions of the objects and movements of the character, it’s almost like they were gliding.





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