Men From Up The Stairs

Men From Up The Stairs By YouTuber David Firth

Give this a watch BEFORE you read on. Very Important you do so 🙂

You’re probably thinking “wth did I just watch?!” right?

This video is actually brilliant and extremely well thought out and smart. The problem is not very many people understand what in the world this video is about the first time they watch it, including myself.

David firth is also the creator of many other You-Tube hits including the ever so famous “SALAD FINGERS” 😀 (Which I love and can’t wait for episode 10) and now many of you probably figured out who this guy is, and think ah well of course, he makes strange videos all the time.

But now that you know who created the strange video”Men From Up The Stairs” Let’s get into what the video is actually about, I’m sure you’re all dying to know. It’s really quite amazing. David Firth has created this video about…..

Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 9.44.12 AMThat’s right! I’m sure many of you are now putting two and two together. But whether you understand or not, give the video another goand  I’m positive you’ll enjoy the video a lot more now 🙂

Pretty clever yes?

This animation was created with a program known as Flash. There are two main principles of design that are present here, which are Perspective Point Of View and Duration. It’s pretty obvious why this video is a point of view, because David has created this animation in hopes to really make the viewer think. And how has he done that? By  making a video in which he personifies the working of the human body, more specifically the  digestive system and the conscience. Secondly this is an example of Duration, because this is an animation, and animations have an element of time to them. this video is is 2 minuets and 57 seconds long

Congratulations David Firth on having created such an funny, and well thought out animation!


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