New York Yankees

The New york Yankees Logo is very recognizable, and I’m sure everyone has seen this logo weather or not they know it’s a baseball teams logo. This particular version of the logo is a Black “N” underneath a black “Y”. I think that this logo is very much what I am looking for in creating my own logo. It is interesting, yet simple and easily read, it is also easily adaptable and eye pleasing. This logo is very popular, especially to any baseball fans of the Yankees team. But as of late, this logo has gotten very popular with the younger generation, because beanies are very “in” right now. People are probably sporting a yankee’s beanie without even realizing that it is a baseball logo. Originally the logo was put on Yankees merchandise such as t-shirts, souvenirs and baseball caps, (Which it still is today) but it is very interesting to see that it is now apart of todays fashion.

New York Yankees

New York Yankees


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