My Quotes

Quotes that I have come up with 🙂

Art really is the voice of the soul, in which it speaks with colors in ways that cannot be spoken with words


Art is freedom of speech, hidden behind symbols, colour and imagery. If you don’t like it…who cares

~Ashlee Earle

The merchant chooses not to live his dream, so he can continue to dream.

~Ashlee Earle

You shouldn’t have said what you THOUGHT you felt,

‘Cause you weren’t REALLY sure,

Now you’ve left me broken in the dust,

Though a little more mature.

~Ashlee Earle

It’s from experience that we learn what can hurt, what can destroy and what break, but experience can never prepare us for what inspires.

~Ashlee Earle

Ashlee's Art

Ashlee’s Art


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