John Shaw

Photographer John Shaw

John Shaw is an incredible photographer whose photos are very eye pleasing. His photographs are very simple and to the point,  and it’s always obvious what the central focus of the picture is. His subjects are usually easily recognizable because of they usually contrast well with the background. He also uses a technique sometimes and tends to blur out the background so that the only focus at all is his subject. You see this technique being used usually when trying to capture a picture of a bird. He also takes pictures of nature, a variety of wide shots, landscapes, cars and other scenes.

John Shaw has been at photography since 1970, still to this day, very impressive! He has traveled to many countries all over the world taking advantage of scenery to capture more photos. As well he is the author of 12 book on photography, 6 of which are e-books.

These are the 3 pictures I took with a chosen theme of “Warm colours” inspired by John Shaw


These are the three photos taken by John Shaw that have inspired me to create the 3 picture I have taken for my grade 12 media arts assignment.


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