He Came In Wearing A Mask

He Came In Wearing A Mask, by Sally Jackson

He Came In Wearing A Mask, by Sally Jackson 

Two elements that stand out above the rest in this piece are line and colour. Line because line is constantly used throughout the composition on the subjects clothes, mask, and smile.The lines that are in the rim of the hood frame the subject with keeps the viewer’s eyes from leading off of the page, as well as makes our eyes follow around the subjects face which allows the viewer to further digest the piece. Colour is used very effectively because throughout the entire piece is using tints and shades of red.  Red advances on the page, which is why the piece has a very intense feeling. There is no other colour other than red used in this piece.

Two principles that are prominent in this piece are harmony and contrast. Harmony is effective in this piece because going back to the use of red and the neutral whites and black in this piece, it makes the piece feel very intense, but it would not feel the same if there was green added into the piece. In fact if the contrasting green were included into this piece, it would feel off and would lighten the mood of the piece, and would not at all have he same effect on the viewer as it does now. Contrast is used between the negative space and the mask in which is on the subjects face. The white mask also gives contrast to the scratches, and other details that are on the mask, that would not be as easily seen if the mask had been black or any other colour.

I believe that Sally Jackson was trying to create a piece that was very intense and bold, that can be seen as very creepy or off to the view. She is able to make it intense with her use of black and red.

I absolutely love this piece, it actually resembles the work that I create in some ways. I make many pieces in which I have a figure that is fairly creepy with an off smile. This piece I believe is very effective in capturing the views attention.


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