Doll Face

This 3-dimensional animation is very unique, because not only is it using 3-D software to create the animation, but also it uses real footage and videos for the TV and for the face of the Doll like robot.


A screen shot from Doll face by Andrew Huang

The Robot itself is very eerie and almost creepy, until you realize that it is very gentle and only wants to become what it sees in the TV placed before it. In the beginning the Robots face was very unsaturated, with black eyes and is very emotionless. When the TV turns on, the robot begins to feel happy that it can mimic what it sees, however the farther away the TV get’s from it, the more stressed and frustrated it gets from not being able to mimic what is being shown on the TV. Ultimately this results in the destruction of the Robot.


A screen shot from Doll face by Andrew Huang


A screen shot from Doll face by Andrew Huang

This Media piece I believe has demonstrated both the principles of duration and point of view. This piece is an animation, which is four minutes and thirteen seconds long, therefore, the audience/ viewer must sit throughout the duration of the film in order to fully experience it. The viewer would not get the same reaction or feelings if this piece were just a single picture of the robot watching TV and putting the make-up on. Secondly this is an excellent example of Conceptual Point Of View, more specifically a social and cultural view. In today’s society, people are fed an “Image” of how they should look through different medias; in this case, a TV. Although there is no actual order to do what the media is saying, we are still bombarded with this image, which makes many of us feel we too need to be this image. The robot quite literally replicated the image it is shown almost perfectly, but still wants more and more from the TV as it is being lifted away. Obvious examples of how this relates to everyday people, (mainly woman) would be the use of make up and the eyeballs. For me the use of the eye balls, was a very clever way of showing how woman use things like false eyelashes, padded bras, and other fake things that will make them become closer to the image that they think they should be.


A screen shot from Doll face by Andrew Huang

 クリエイティブな人造人間CG「Doll Face」

A screen shot from Doll face by Andrew Huang

This was a very clever short film, with excellent animation. Full credit to Andrew Huang, the creator of “Doll Face” and the creator of other great short films.  You can watch “Doll Face” here

“Doll Face” by Andrew Huang


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