BeetleJuice by Pirate-Cashsoo

BeetleJuice by Pirate-Cashsoo

“BeetleJuice” by Pirate-Cashoo

This piece was done my a magnificent Deviant Artist that goes by the name of Pirate-Cashoo. Her real name is Cachet W. and is a 22 year old artist in the United States.

This is a fan digital painting of the famous movie by Tim Burton called “BeetleJuice”. It is a picture of Lydia Deez and BeetleJuice seemingly falling in a void  along with a Sandworm. Although this a is drawing inspired by the characters, Cachet seems to have brought her own style to the characters which is present in many of her other works. She says she has drawn this piece in Photoshop CS and Painter IX, and that it took 8-9 hours of work to complete this.

Elements that are definitely prominent in this piece are line and colour. Cechet uses line very well in this piece both directionally and with pattern. The way in which BeetleJuice is posing with a dip in his body really rounds the viewers eye to the rest of the picture, his curved body also meets with the curve of the Sandworm in behind of him. No to mention all of the stripes and lines in BeetleJuice’s suit, the Sandworm’s skin and Lydia’s poncho. The colour scheme is also fairly monochromatic, using colours  such as reds, oranges, browns and pinkish purples, altogether giving the appearance of a very warm feel to it.

Here are a few examples of more of her works:

And her DeviantArt Gallery –>

Little Moths

Little Moths



Let me show you a magic trick

Let me show you a magic trick


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