Artist: Brandon Padgett

This picture by Brandon Padgett is the kind of style I was looking towards with my design for the I-phone skin project for my media arts course. I really wanted to create something that used only solid black and whites, because I find it very cool to see how something can be so beautiful or realistic, yet be extremely simple. 

Sketchercise - Music related art: Roy Orbison

Sketchercise – Music related art: Roy Orbison

I really like how Brandon captures the real emotion of this piece with the limitations of using just black and white. Opposed to a charcoal, graphite, or any other medium of art that uses black or white, this piece really is lacking in all values, wich is very interesting to look at and catches the eye.

This isn’t the only one of Brandon’s pieces that uses this style, on his blog most of his many pieces are done only using black and white. The ones that are only using black and white are not all in this style, but he has many styles, many of which are comic book style themed.

Yeah by Ashlee Earle

Yeah by Ashlee Earle

This is my piece “Yeah” that I created trying to mimic this style of art using only black and white solids. It was a bit of a challenge because I do not usually make art like this, but upon using this style for the first time, I realized how expressive this type of art really is and will most likely continue to work and experiment in this style.



For the actual design for the phone skin, I realized that using this alone on the phone looked very boring because there was a surplus of negative space and didn’t look all to appealing, so I added a star to the upper lip to give the appearance that the figure had a lip ring. I liked the way the star looked, so I added stars to the whole of the piece ranging in size to fill the negative space without taking away from the  appeal of the piece.  I believe that I was successful with the final pieces, both the original and tbe phone design. I am extremely pleased with the way they way they turned out


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