Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa

“Anna and Elsa” by Darren Geers

This is a fan artwork for the newly released Disney animated movie “Frozen”. This piece was done by a fabulous artist by the name of Darren Geers. The title says it all, the two characters present here are Elsa and Anna, the two princesses in which the movie, “Frozen” is situated around.

What I love about this piece in particular is the depth Darren was able to create by blurring both Elsa and the background to put focus onto Anna.

Dareen uses an element in particular which really is what brings the piece to life that makes it look almost like a snapshot of the movie is “value”. Darren does an excellent job of creating different values for the faces, hair, clothes and background to really further the depth. Because he also created this depth with the values in which he used and with the use of blurring, he has also been able to achieve the principle of Perspective.

Darren Geers has many beautiful pieces that you can see on his DeviantArt here –>

And view the recording of this drawing here –>


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